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Welcome to the Audiobook! I'm thrilled you are here to listen to this audio version of '7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State'. Whether you are a player or coach - you'll be able to listen anytime, anywhere to the mindset and strategies to advance forward. Thanks again and make sure you access the videos that go along with each strategy chapter of this audiobook course. Feel free to download each audio chapter if you'd like to listen with iTunes or another audio device.

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Everything you do, you do better in flow, from baking your favorite food, to planning a vacation, to solving a business plan, to playing tennis. Flow accelerates performance and drives optimal performance. Researchers now believe that flow sits at the core of almost every athlete championship and why so many champions remain at the top of their sport for longer periods of time - those athletes simply master and get in the flow state for longer periods of time and more often than others.

Styrling Strother is a Tennis Performance Trainer with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA) and a Professional Tennis Coach with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR). Styrling focuses on player development for competition in local, regional, state, and national tournaments as well as collegiate and professional level tennis. While at Cary Academy with the Varsity High School Girls Team, he coached the teams to winning 81% of match play (117-27) spanning 6 seasons, reaching the NCISAA State Championship Finals 3X and 4 Conference Championships between 2011-2016. Cary Academy school record seasons included 21-1 in 2011, 27-2 in 2014, and 24-2 in 2016.

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